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    Join us on one of our Historic Walking Tours. Our enthusiastic high school student researchers and guides will lead you on a fact-filled walking tour … [Read more...]

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    Please contact Dennis of Historic Guilford Walking Tours at... info@HistoricGuilford.org or call (203)233-1026.   Historic Walking Tour Tickets & … [Read more...]

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    As part of its longstanding commitment to preserving Guilford’s historic built and natural environments, the Guilford Preservation Alliance launched its Heritage … [Read more...]

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Guilford Green Apr 2014

Guilford Green April 2014

After spending a few days in Historic Newport, Rhode Island settled in 1639, I realized many of the parallels and differences between the two communities. Both communities were settled as refuges from oppressive churches and … [Read More...]

Edith at recent birthday party.

Edith Nettleton, Friend of Guilford History, Dies at 105.

Edith Nettleton, Guilford's first professional librarian and friend of Guilford History passed away this Sunday after a brief illness. With her passing a door is closed to Guilford's History but she left other entrances … [Read More...]


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